PhD Research Camp India

Guiding Aspriants for Ph.D Admission till Ph.D Degree award

PhD Research Camp

PhD Research Camp India

Aim & Objective

The objective of this Workshop is to give an exposure/extend the knowledge to the participants in NS2 simulator, NS3 simulator, SPSS and research methodology. This workshop will be a common platform for leaders from the academics and Industries where they can exchange their views and experience.

Topics to be covered

The Following Syllabus will be imparted by well trained & qualified researchers.
Wired and Wireless examples using TCL.
OTCL/C++ Linkages, Creation of New Agent
Overview of Qualitative Research
Descriptive Statistics and Types
Manipulating Data in SPSS
How to write a research paper for publication
How to frame new concepts for research
How to apply for PhD
Scope of Research
Publication Process / Peer review process / Scientific Methodology
Tools for Statistical Analysis
Technical Writing Training
How to write a thesis / dissertation

Benefits of Attending the Program

The Researcher will become knowledgeable in their respective research career and opportunities
Develop awareness of NS2,NS3 and SPSS
Developing awareness of value of research
Develop awareness of Peer Review and Publication Process


Every Sunday, We offer a “free one day seminar on Technical Writing, Research methodology, data analytics and statistics, SPSS, NS2, NS3, AMOS, OMNET++, MATLAB, JAVA and other programming languages for advanced coding” in our corporate office. (Kindly find the address below).

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