Statistical Analysis Services

Guiding Aspriants for Ph.D Admission till Ph.D Degree award

Statistical Analysis Services

Analysis & Design

Research Analysis and implementation can be considered as one of the most important element of your research study. You should take all possible precautions while drawing conclusions and interpreting your findings. With the help of Technocrat Technologies you can actually make this complex task quite easier. Our data analysts, research programmers, developers and statisticians have an intensive knowledge of a variety of statistical tools and other techniques. Using suitable techniques, they can help you analyze your raw data and turn it into useful information.

We assist PhD candidates for developing algorithm, implementation plan, selecting base papers and formulating a formal problem statement, algorithm development. We assist candidates from the field of civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics, computer science, management and medical field for software implementation of their research projects. Some of the software in which we help include:

  2. NS2 / NS3
  3. OPNET
  4. OMNET++
  5. SPSS
  6. Simulink
  7. Java
  8. .Net
  9. Weka

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